missing teeth

Dr. Michael Rogers understands the dangers missing teeth can pose for your dental health. Missing teeth can create a domino effect in your mouth causing your remaining teeth to begin to slowly shift towards the gap. This can lead to dental health issues including periodontal problems, pain from an uneven bite and wear and tear. Here are some of the solutions to replace missing teeth.

Missing teeth can destroy the look of a person’s teeth and cause people to become self-conscious about their smile.

Although the cosmetic repercussions of missing teeth are large, the dental problems caused by missing teeth are even more problematic.

This is because the space left behind from a lost tooth needs to be filled to avoid teeth drifting. Teeth drifting refer to teeth migrating to open spaces left behind. To compensate for this loss, the adjacent teeth will begin to shift and grow in a crooked manner to fill this space. What results are crooked teeth that are difficult to clean, which can result in further tooth loss.

Fixed bridges and implants are often used to replace missing teeth and to correct some kinds of bite problems.

Crowns and bridges are the most effective procedure for replacing missing teeth or bite problems.