We’re Proud of Our Patients’ Satisfaction!

“I wish to thank you for my double transformation – from pain to comfort and from anxiety to confidence. The appliances I received from Fairlington Dental for the treatment of jawbone joint disorder are comfortable, convenient, and effective. The result of your procedure substantiates the fact that I was the recipient of outstanding, unrivalled care.” – Ellen A., Alexandria, VA

“My love for Fairlington Dental can only be expressed through poetry.

Fairlington Haiku:

1 One set of chompers,
2 Why not take to very best
3 Thank you for cookie.

Fairlington Dentistry:

1 FD opens bright and early
2 They keep teeth white and pearly
3 In the lobby grab some joe
4 No LaVonn, I don’t go
5 She is smart as a whip
6 I should giver her a tip
7 Other dentist compared are lame
8 This crew is at top of their game
9 Look out for periodontitis
10 Dont forget gingivitis
11 But plaque is public enemy number one
12 Doc Rogers always gets the job done
13 Afterwards I pay my bill
14 Of the cookies, never have my fill.

After going to Fairlington Dental for 4 years, my only complaint is that I didn’t find them earlier. Doc Rogers and the crew are always knowledgeable, friendly and up to date on the latest dental science.

Thanks again and see ya’ll soon.” – Gaston M.

“I had a great experience. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. I felt welcomed and comfortable the whole time I was in the office. The hygienist and the dentist explained everything to me in full detail and spoke to me honestly about my options.” – Erik, Arlington, VA

“I am always made to feel totally comfortable and put at ease – I really have a phobia about going to the dentist” – Julie, Alexandria, VA

“Everyone in the office is so nice and makes you feel comfortable. From the minute you walk in to the minute you walk out everything is easy–appointments, checking-in/out–it was obviously well thought out.” – Krista, Washington, DC

“Dr Rogers is a leading edge Dr. He keeps up with the latest technologies and implements them into his practice. Even my latest crown was practically pain free! The rest of the people in the office are very nice and helpful.” – Patty, Fairfax, VA

“Very professional environment, excellent level of service, up-to-date dental technology” – Anne, Alexandria, VA

“Pleasant attitude and personal attention – took my concerns seriously” – Mary

“Organized, timely, and pain-free and you develop relationships with your patients” – Kim

“The best customer service of any office by far! You treat your patients with respect and courtesy in a way that is extremely rare.” – Nancy, Arlington, VA

“Prompt, professional at every level, top quality care.” – Andrew, Vienna, VA

“I love Sally. Sally is the best hygienist I have ever had. She is friendly, funny and honest. I drive way out of my way to see her.” – Christina, Reston, VA

“Better sleep – more of it. I am more rested in the morning and less tired at night!” – Kathryn., Arlington, VA

“I have gotten deep sleep! Able to get through the day better with my new sleep appliance.” – D. Reece

“Feeling more energetic, not falling asleep during the day, improved focus, able to go out at night thanks to my sleep appliance! – Karen S., Arlington, VA

“Very amazing experiences since it cured my 20 years of lower back pain.” – Shuai W., Virginia

“It relieved most of the worst symptoms quickly, allowing the joint to heal. I’d take this surgery any day! RE: TMJ Treatment” – Susan Z., Alexandria, VA